Stayin’ Fresh in 832


Creating “Stayin’ Fresh in 832 with Harmony was an opportunity to REFLECT, CONNECT and CREATE.  We had a tonne of fun, many laughs and “take two’s” when writing and performing.

The creation was a collaborative effort based on individual and collective strengths.The highlight for me was bringing together the work in our major project and connecting it creatively to our course work.  The creative possibilities are endless with Minecraft and to watch the students bring to life our vision for the summary, under the direction of Harmony, was nothing short of amazing.

Harmony’s work in “The Design Studio” will continue to influence and inspire both our staff  and our students. Her blog is incredible; check out Digital Pathways.  It is an honor and privilege to work with passionate, dedicated educators who do what ever it takes to help each other to be successful. Greg Rieder, our 8th grade teacher and sound mixer extraordinaire, offered to help us with the audio recording and mixing and for this we are grateful.  Our students will continue to play lead and supporting roles at Mother Teresa Middle School just as they did to help us with this summary.


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